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Ocean Dive Centre

Ocean Dive Centre divers can enjoy the variety of 20 local dive sites, suitable for beginners to more experienced divers. The sites include thrilling thilas, outside reef sites and channel dives.

We dive all of Rasdhoo Atoll, from North to South and East to West. With only one other resort nearby, Ocean Dive Centre divers will generally have the luxury of being the only divers on site!

In the small Rasdhoo Atoll there is no specific season for the mantas and you have the chance to see them on various dive sites throughout the year. There is usually a higher concentration of mantas in the months of December and March. White tip reef sharks can be seen on almost every dive, and the sighting of grown black tips is common. Grey reef sharks can be seen at Madivaru Corner and Kuramathi Thila, the best time being around Feburary. A big highlight is our "Big Blue" where you have a good chance year-round to see hammerhead sharks!

Divers who wish, can dive the house reef with a dive guide upon request. On the inner West side, we rarely have current. It is a nice spot for an easygoing night dive, where we have moray eels, a few lobster, and always present is a big school of barracuda. This site is a great for beginners wishing to gain expereience in a safe environment.

Our large lagoon is well protected from current and an ideal location for all of our course training sessions. Usually good visibility prevails and with the house reef just a few meters away, there is always plenty to see!

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